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Payment Policy

Thank you for choosing The Health and Integrative Wellness office as your health care provider. We are committed to building a successful provider-patient relationship with you and your family. Your clear understanding of our Patient Financial Policy is important to our professional relationship. Please ask if you have any questions about our fees, our policies, or your responsibilities. It is your responsibility to notify our office of any patient information changes (i.e. address, insurance info etc.).

Co-pays: The patient is expected to present an insurance card at each visit. All co-payments and past due balances are due at time of check-in. We accept cash, check or credit cards.

Insurance Claims: Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. We will bill your primary insurance company as a courtesy to you when possible. In order to properly bill your insurance, company we require that you disclose all insurance information including primary and secondary insurance, as well as, any changes. Failure to provide complete insurance information may result in patient responsibility for the entire bill. It is the insurance company that makes the final determination of your eligibility and benefits. If we are out of network for your insurance company and your insurance pays you directly, you are responsible for payment and agree to forward the payment to us immediately.

questions about your bill
In Netweork and Out of Network health plans
  • Aetna

  • AmeriChoice

  • BlueCross BlueShield 

  • Cigna

  • United Health 

referrals and Pre-authorizations: Certain health insurances (HMO, POS, etc.) require that you obtain a referral or prior authorization from you Primary Care Provider (PCP) before visiting a specialist.  If your insurance company requires a referral and/or preauthorization, we try to get it but ultimately you are responsible for obtaining it as some insurances require it. 

Missed Appointments: Office requires 24-hour notice of cancellation. Appointments missed may be charged a fee of $30.00.

Returned Checks: The charge for a returned check is $35 payable by cash or money order. This will be applied to your account in addition to the insufficient funds amount.

Medical Record Copies: Patients requesting copies of medical records will be charged:
$10 – under 20 pages      $15 – over 20 pages

Outstanding Balance Policy
It is our office policy that all past due accounts be sent two statements. If payment is not made on the account, a single phone call will be made to try to make payment arrangements.

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